Star Cactus Care

Haworthia Retusa (Star Cactus): Riversdale, Western Cape Province, South Africa
Prefers medium to bright indirect light; can tolerate low indirect light but avoid direct sun exposure.
Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out halfway between waterings. Increase frequency in brighter light and decrease in lower light. During summer, water evenly to saturate the soil; in winter, reduce watering to every other month.
Pet Friendly
This is a pet friendly plant.
Fun Fact
Haworthia Retusa is a perennial plant with a lifespan of many years when provided with proper care.
Sad Plant Signs
Wilting or curling leaves and dry potting mix indicate underwatering, while yellowing leaves with a black base signify overwatering. Leaf spots may result from fungal infection or mineral buildup from tap water; use distilled water and water directly into the surrounding potting soil to address this issue.