Our Packaging

At Desk Plants, we understand the importance of delivering your leafy companions safely and securely to your doorstep. That's why we take great care in packaging our plants to ensure they arrive in pristine condition, ready to bring joy to your workspace.


All our mini lines are carefully packed in small white boxes, specially designed with a custom-made collar inside to securely hold the product in place during transit. These white boxes are then placed within sturdy brown 6" cube mailers, providing an additional layer of protection to safeguard the plant and pot contained within.

 Our large lines receive equal attention to protection and care. Each plant is wrapped with precision and held securely in place with our two-piece collar, meticulously designed to protect both the pot and plant during transit. These carefully packaged products are then placed inside our spacious 10" x 10" x 20" boxes, ensuring a safe and happy journey to your desk.


Every order from Desk Plants comes with a special touch. Each shipment includes a general greeting card with a QR code. This QR code takes recipients straight to our simplified plant care page, where they can select their plant and begin learning how to care for their new leafy friend. We believe in providing not just plants, but a comprehensive experience that ensures your Desk Plants thrive in their new environment for years to come. 


We go above and beyond to ensure that your plants arrive safely, securely, and ready to enhance your workspace. Experience the difference in packaging and care with Desk Plants today.


Note: Our packaging methods are designed to prioritize the safety and well-being of our plants during transit. If you have any specific packaging requests such as custom boxes or white label distribution, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you.


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