Snake Plant

If you're new to owning plants or looking for a low-maintenance option, the Snake Plant is a great choice. These hardy plants are popular due to their ability to adapt to various growing conditions.
The Snake Plant is adaptable to any light level, but grows faster in brighter light. Gradually acclimate it to direct light to avoid scorching foliage.
Water ONCE PER MONTH. Water only when the soil is completely dry. It's better to stay on the dry side. Soak the soil to encourage a healthy root system.
Snake Plants do not need any additional humidity.
Snake Plants have a mild toxicity towards humans and pets. If ingested, some intestinal irritation and possible vomiting may occur
Snake Plants reproduce by growing new plants (or "pups" ) near the base of the mother plant. To propagate your Snake Plant, carefully remove the leaves and stems of each pup once the become a few inches tall and plant them into a new pot.