norfolk pine

The Norfolk Pine is a gracefyl, pine-like tree with a lacy, delicate appearance. It is popular during the holidays as an alternative to a traditional cut Christmas Tree but makes an elegant statement all year round!
The Norfolk Pine prefers bright, indirect light to direct sunlight. It can adapt to medium light areas, but it may become leggy and less full.
Water your Norfolk Pine TWICE A MONTH. Saturate the soil with water. Brown needles can indicate low watering.
The Norfolk Pine will appriciate a boost in humidity during the winter months. You can increase humidity for the Norfolk Pine by using a pebble tray, placing a humidifier nearby or grouping it near other plants.
Norfolk Pines are mildly toxic to humans an pets. If ingested, it can cause stomach irritation or vomiting.
To encourage faster growth on the Norfolk Pine, move it outdoors to a shaded or partially shaded spot during the Summer. Wait until all danger of frost has passed before moving it outdoors and bring it back in before the first frost in the Fall.