Welcome to Desk Plants: Elevate Your Branding with Greenery

At Desk Plants, we offer more than just potted plants – we provide an unparalleled branding experience that leaves a lasting impression. Here are our key go-to-market points that set us apart:

Sticking Power: Our customizable potted plants have sticking power like no other promotional product. Unlike traditional items that end up forgotten in drawers or closets, our plants live on a desk, ensuring your brand remains front and center in the daily lives of your clients and partners.

Focused on Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability, utilizing non-plastic packaging and offering a sustainability line of pottery made from post-consumer upcycled plastic. With Desk Plants, you can promote your brand while making eco-conscious choices.

High Impressions Rate, High ROI: Our customizable potted plants boast a high impressions rate and deliver a remarkable return on investment. Each time your clients or employees admire their vibrant Desk Plant, they'll remember your brand fondly, leading to increased brand recognition and loyalty.

Unique Gift with Accessible Pricing: Desk Plants offers a unique gifting solution at accessible pricing. Elevate your corporate gifting strategy with live plants that convey thoughtfulness, sustainability, and longevity, all without breaking the bank.

Centrally Located Distribution in Austin, TX: With our centrally located distribution center in Austin, TX, we ensure prompt delivery to your doorstep, anywhere in the country. Experience hassle-free shipping and efficient logistics with Desk Plants.

No Minimums, No Setup Fees: We believe in flexibility and transparency. Enjoy the convenience of ordering any quantity of customizable potted plants with no minimums or setup fees, making Desk Plants the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

48-Hour Production Time: Need your branded potted plants in a hurry? With Desk Plants, you can count on a swift 48-hour production time, ensuring your orders are processed promptly and delivered on time.

Comprehensive Services: From simple plant care instructions to custom plant sourcing, packaging, and handwritten notes, Desk Plants offers a range of comprehensive services to meet your branding needs. From print-on-demand and kitting and full digital services, to warehousing solutions for seamless integration into your campaigns, we will take the guess work out of getting our product in your clients hands.

Elevate your branding strategy with Desk Plants – where sustainability meets sophistication. Contact us today to discover the endless possibilities of customizable potted plants for your business.