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Jade Plant

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  • Care: Easy
  • Light: High light is best, indirect sunlight is okay as well
  • Water: Every 2-3 weeks, let soil dry completely between watering
  • Temperature: Adapts well to both warm and cooler conditions
  • Total Height: 7”- 9”
  • Total Width: 4”- 5”
  • Origin: South Africa & Mozambique
  • Botanical Name: Crossula ovata


A common houseplant originating from Mozambique and regions of South Africa, the Jade plant has been informally deemed the money plant, or lucky plant. It has a tree-like appearance, grows slowly and has a long life span for an indoor plant. Water your Jade every two weeks, ensuring the soil is bone dry before doing so, and expect shedding or brown spotted leaves when your Jade really needs a drink. They enjoy warm, dry conditions found in most homes and work spaces, making it a great first step to achieving your new plant #goalz. Get yourself this little sign of prosperity and a few lotto tickets because, hey, you never know.


Tips: If wrinkled or has brown tips, more water is needed. Tips will turn red if left in direct sunlight.

Safe for Pets? No


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